• software asset management

    SAM – programinės įrangos valdymas

    Nuo programinės įrangos audito iki pilno proceso įgyvendinimo ir palaikymo

  • Disaster Recovery Plan

    Be prepared when desister strikes. This plan can be a part of your security policy.

  • cloud services

    “Debesų” paslaugos moderniam verslui

    Ar žinote, kad vienas Jūsų serverinėje ūžiantis serveris eikvoja nuo 100lt iki 420lt kas mėnesį?

  • Smartphone and Tablet Security

    Some of your business related information is on your mobile devices. We can enforce some security policies to better manage all mobile devices in your company.

  • Peripherals Support

    Peripherals are never left behind. From toners to full maintenance in the official service centre we cover it so you can be sure that proposal will be printed on time.

  • Server Maintenance

    Servers and Infrastructure is monitored and updated constantly to ensure reliable services.

  • Desktop Support

    Desktop PC Proactively maintaining overall health and responsiveness via scheduled check-ups and reactively working with incidents on a daily basis. People always have single point of contact – NECT Helpdesk

Customer support, Klientų aptarnavimas

customer support

Klientų aptarnavimas

managed services

IT Support

networks & security

Networks and Security

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